HCW 2006 -- 15th Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
The Fifteenth International

HCW 2006
Advance Program


To be held in
Rhodes Island, Greece, April 25, 2006
in conjunction with IPDPS 2006

Sponsored by:

U.S. Office of Naval Research IEEE Computer Society,
through the
Technical Committee on Parallel Processing 

Call for Papers



Advance Program

Previous Workshops



0800-0820: WELCOME
Richard Graham: Los Alamos National Labs, USA
Aspects of Heterogeneous computing in the Open MPI environment
Session Chair: Vaidy Sunderam (Emory University, USA)
  1. Jean-Francois Pineau (ENS Lyon, France)
    Frédéric Vivien (INRIA, France)
    Yves Robert (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France):
    The impact of heterogeneity on master-slave on-line scheduling
  2. Louis-Claude Canon (ESEO, France)
    Emmanuel Jeannot (Université H. Pointcaré, France):
    Wrekavoc: a Tool for Emulating Heterogeneity

1000-1030: BREAK

1030-1130: Session 2: SCHEDULING
Session Chair: H. J. Siegel (Colorado State University, USA)
  1. Henan Zhao (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
    Rizos Sakellariou (University of Manchester, United Kingdom):
    Scheduling Multiple DAGs onto Heterogeneous Systems
  2. Nagavijayalakshmi Vydyanathan (Ohio State University, USA)
    Gaurav Khanna (Ohio State University, USA)
    Umit Catalyurek (Ohio State University, USA)
    Tahsin Kurc (Ohio State University, USA)
    Ponnuswamy Sadayappan (Ohio State University, USA)
    Joel Saltz (Ohio State University, US):
    Scheduling of Tasks with Batch-shared I/O on Heterogeneous Systems
  3. Doruk Bozdag (Ohio State University, US)
    Umit Catalyurek (Ohio State University, US)
    Fusun Ozguner (Ohio State University, USA):
    A Task Duplication Based Bottom-Up Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Environments
1130-1210: Session 3: COMMUNICATION ISSUES
Session Chair: Dan Marinescu (University of Central Florida, USA)
  1. Olivier Beaumont (LaBRI Bordeaux, France)
    Loris Marchal (LIP, ENS Lyon, France)
    Veronika Rehn (LIP, ENS Lyon, France)
    Yves Robert (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France):
    FIFO scheduling of divisible loads with return messages under the one-port model
  2. Brad Penoff (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    Humaira Kamal (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    Mike Tsai (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    Edith Vong (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    Alan Wagner (University of British Columbia, Canada):
    Using SCTP to hide latency in MPI programs

1210-1330: LUNCH

1330-1430: Session 4: RESOURCE ALLOCATION
Session Chair: Fusun Ozguner (Ohio State University, USA)
  1. Xin Bai (University of Central Florida, USA)
    Ladislau Boloni (University of Central Florida, USA)
    Dan Marinescu (University of Central Florida, USA)
    H. J. Siegel (Colorado State University, USA):
    A Brokering Framework for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Systems
  2. Anthony Chronopoulos (The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA) Satish Penmatsa (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA):
    Cooperative Load Balancing for a Network of Heterogeneous Computers
  3. Eugenio Zimeo (University of Sannio, Italy)
    Nadia Ranaldo (University of Sannio, Italy):
    An Economy-driven Mapping Heuristic for Hierarchical Master-Slave Applications in Grid Systems

1430-1500: BREAK

1500-1540: Session 5: INTEGRATION ISSUES
Session Chair: Yves Robert (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Frace)
  1. Han Yu (University of Central Florida, USA)
    Dan Marinescu (University of Central Florida, USA)
    Annie Wu (University of Central Florida, USA)
    H. J. Siegel (Colorado State University, USA):
    Plan Switching: An Approach to Plan Execution in Changing Environments
  2. Dirk Gorissen (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
    Piotr Wendykier (Emory University, USA)
    Dawid Kurzyniec (Emory University, USA)
    Vaidy Sunderam (Emory University, USA):
    Integrating heterogeneous information services using JNDI
1540-1700: PANEL

Programming Heterogeneous Systems - Less pain! Better performance!

Moderator: José A. B. Fortes (University of Florida)
  • Richard Graham (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Alexey Lastovetsky (University College Dublin)
  • Samuel Midkiff (Purdue University)