Towards Simulation of Parallel File System Scheduling Algorithms with PFSsim

TitleTowards Simulation of Parallel File System Scheduling Algorithms with PFSsim
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLiu, Y, Figueiredo, RJ, Clavijo, D, Xu, Y, Zhao, M
Conference Name7th IEEE International Workshop on Storage Network Architecture and Parallel I/O
Date Published05/2011
Conference LocationDenver, CO
KeywordsI/O scheduling, parallel file system, simulation
AbstractMany high-end computing (HEC) centers and commercial data centers adopt parallel file systems (PFSs) as their storage solutions. With the concurrent applications in PFS grow in both quantity and variety, it is expected that scheduling algorithms for data access will play an increasingly important role in PFS service quality. However, it is costly and disruptive to thoroughly research different scheduling mechanisms in the peta- or exascale systems; and the complexity in scheduling policy implementation and experimental data gathering even makes the tests harder. While a few parallel file system simulation frameworks have been proposed (e.g., [15,16]), their goals have not been in the scheduling algorithm evaluation. In this paper, we propose PFSsim, a simulator designed for the purpose of evaluating I/O scheduling algorithms in PFS. PFSsim is a trace-driven simulator based on the network simulation framework OMNeT++ and the disk device simulator DiskSim. A proxy-based scheduler module is implemented for scheduling algorithm deployment, and the system parameters are highly configurable. We have simulated PVFS2 on PFSsim, and the experimental results show that PFSsim is capable of simulating the system characteristics and capturing the effects of the scheduling algorithms.