ACIS hosts Kickoff meeting for its newest collaborative EAGER award.

The Advanced Computing and Information Systems (ACIS) lab recently hosted a Kickoff meeting for it's newest NSF EAGER award, Model-based Autonomic Cloud Computing Software Technology (NSF award #1265341). Collaborators Peter Dinda, Northwestern University, US and China's Gang Huang, Peking University, Xin Peng, Fudan University and Chang Xu, Nanjing University traveled to Gainesville for a three day meeting with the project's principal investigators, Drs. Jose Fortes, Renato Figueiredo and Mauricio Tsugawa.

The project will advance the fundamental understanding of multiple technical issues faced in enabling flexible end-to-end management of cloud-supported mobile applications. Methods are needed to (re)implement applications so that their software architectures can reconfigure in response to changes in requirements as the environment changes, and to allow for runtime re-factoring of components for execution locally or remotely. Virtual networking techniques are needed to enable seamless off-loading of computation from a device to remote resources possibly provided by multiple clouds. In addition, both software adaptation and network configuration must be done on demand.

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