Grace S. Hong

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Research Coordinator II

Grace joined the ACIS Lab as the Research Programs Coordinator in Spring 2016. She is experienced in participatory decision-making facilitation, cross-cultural engagement for research collaboration networks, international conference planning, meeting designs & evaluation. She also creates social media content for scientific community development and membership outreach. Grace was previously involved in the network coordination and student fellowship program development and admissions for GLEON (Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network), as the communication hub for 600+ members from 50+ countries worldwide. She currently coordinates conferences, virtual meetings, membership, and social media for ACIS Lab's international, multi-institutional network project: Global CENTRA. She also supported PRAGMA Workshops preparation and annual report, after having assisted in planning and hosting its early international research program for undergraduates (PRIME) and events organizing in its inception years. Starting from Fall 2018, Grace is splitting her time between ACIS Lab and Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World as the Interim Coordinator, helping its interim/inaugural leadership team in setting up the lab space, operation, membership engagement and research administration for the new institute.

Grace received her MSc in Organizational & Social Psychology in 2008 from LSE. She loves to read, to listen to stories and to travel.

  • CENTRA (Collaborations to ENable TRansational cyberinfrastructure Applications)
  • PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications & Grid Middleware Assembly)
  • HuMaIN (Human- and Machine-Intelligent Software Elements for Cost-Effective Scientific Data Digitization)
  • International activities and research administration support for the ACIS Lab
334B Larsen Hall
(352) 846-2466