Nicholas Rejack

Nicholas is a software engineer and data analyst who has been at the University of Florida for eight years and worked on projects in domains as different as clinical health research and digital human rights archives. Although he is an IT professional, his background in ontologies and information retrieval in library sciences provide a framework for the organization and extraction of knowledge from data no matter the area of interest.

His previous work includes as an analyst, programmer, and data quality manager for UF’s leadership on the OneFlorida project which integrated electronic health record data from 10 different Florida hospitals, combining data on over 14 million patients to aid in cohort discovery and answer research questions and as a DevOps engineer at UF’s CTS-IT developing, releasing, and maintaining open source software to collect data for Hepatitis C research. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University in 2007 and his Masters in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information in 2010 where he did extensive work on audio and video archiving for UT’s Human Rights Documentation Initiative.