Ronald Canepa

Ronald Canepa is a developer and analyst with over 13 years of combined experience in public, private, and research workspaces, including online retail, credit card processing, and bioinformatics. He enjoys teaching and outreach as much as software engineering and always welcomes inquiries and questions. He aims to make systems flexible, research reproducible, and data shareable, visual and interconnected.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at UF, Ronald joined the UF workforce in 2014 at the Triplett lab in the department of Microbiology and Cell Science IFAS, where he focused on bacterial genome assemblies, data management, and analytics. He later joined UF Information Technology, where he developed the payment processing software behind non-credit registrations at UF, with multiple departments across campus running a combined annual volume of over $10 million.

In his off hours, Ronald enjoys reading, writing, playing board games, being a musician, and studying the finer points of landlord-tenant laws in hopes of preventing his recently-adopted cat, Zoƫ, from taking over the house.