Saumitra Aditya

Saumitra is a PhD candidate in ECE under supervision of Dr.Renato Figueiredo. He is actively involved in researching applications of distributed systems technologies in smart communities as part of PerSoNet project. In this scope he has explored properties of large scale social graphs to aid in decision making for link-creation while creating overlay topologies under constraints placed on number of feasibe links per device.

He is actively working on leveraging SDN and resource virtualization technologies to provide enhanced network and compute infrastructure orchestration to enable members of smart communities to collaborate by pooling in their resources. He was also involved in the initial design and implementation of GrapleR, a distributed simulation test-bed for lake ecology research.

Outside of academics he is fascinated by technology trivia and loves to engage in conversations on a wide range of topics.


  • Personet
  • IPOP


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