On the design and implementation of a simulator for parallel file system research

TitleOn the design and implementation of a simulator for parallel file system research
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLiu, Y, Figueiredo, R, Xu, Y, Zhao, M
Conference Namethe 29th IEEE conference on massive data storage
Date Published05/2013
KeywordsI/O scheduling, parallel file system, simulation
AbstractDue to the popularity and importance of Parallel File Systems (PFSs) in modern High Performance Computing (HPC) centers, PFS designs and I/O optimizations are active research topics. However, the research process is often timeconsuming and faces cost and complexity challenges in deploying experiments in real HPC systems. This paper describes PFSsim, a trace-driven simulator of distributed storage systems that allows the evaluation of PFS designs, I/O schedulers, network structures, and workloads. PFSsim differentiates itself from related work in that it provides a powerful platform featuring a modular design with high flexibility in the modeling of subsystems including the network, clients, data servers and I/O schedulers. It does so by designing the simulator to capture abstractions found in common PFSs. PFSsim also exposes script based interfaces for detailed configurations. Experiments and validation against real systems considering sub-modules and the entire simulator show that PFSsim is capable of simulating a representative PFS (PVFS2) and of modeling different I/O scheduler algorithms with good fidelity. In addition, the simulation speed is also shown to be acceptable.