Dynamic task migration from SIMD to SPMD virtual machines

TitleDynamic task migration from SIMD to SPMD virtual machines
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsArmstrong, JB, Siegel, HJ, Cohen, WE, Min, T, Dietz, HG, Fortes, JAB
Conference NameParallel Processing, 1994. ICPP 1994. International Conference
Date Published08/1994
Abstract A method to migrate a task dynamically from a virtual SPMD machine to a virtual SIMD machine is proposed. It is assumed that the SIMD and SPMD virtual machine models only differ to support the different modes of parallelism, and that the program was coded in a mode-independent programming language. The migration procedure does not require the SPMD PEs to be at the same location in the SPMD program at the time of the migration. This work is directly applicable to mixed-mode hybrid SIMDISPMD systems and part of the general problem of task migration in SIMDISPMD mixed-machine heterogeneous systems.