ACIS offices
The mission of the Advanced Computing and Information Systems Laboratory (ACIS) is to conduct fundamental and applied research on all aspects of systems that integrate computing and information processing.

ACIS is home to faculty, students, researchers, technical staff and distinguished visitors and has extensive collaborations with other scientists and research organizations. ACIS research facilities include advanced hardware and software systems with unique state-of-the-art virtualization capabilities.

Current ACIS research falls under the following broad categories:

  • Cloud Computing
    Using virtualization technologies for computing platforms, file systems, applications as services, networks and I/O systems
  • Cyberinfrastructure for e-science and e-health
    For research on brain-machine interfaces, coastal and ocean modeling, genetics and atomic-scale friction
  • Autonomic Computing
    As relevant to virtualized data centers, real-time systems, virtual networking and other topics pursued by the Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing
  • Computer Architecture
    Including architectural support for virtualization, reliable computing and green computing
  • Peer-to-peer Computing and Software Defined Networking
    Including self-organizing virtual networks, and structured and unstructured query systems
  • The ACIS laboratory gratefully acknowledges funding and donations of hardware and software from its sponsors.