EEL6871 Syllabus (abbreviated)

EEL6871 Syllabus (abbreviated)

EEL6871 Cloud Computing Systems Management

Course Description An introduction to models, software platforms, optimization techniques, predictive modeling, feedback-based computing approaches, monitoring techniques and applications of software-defined cloud management. These concepts are needed to enable the automated management of the scale and service orientation of cloud computing systems.

Course Pre-Requisites / Co-Requisites EEL 5737 or EEL 6892. Instructor approval possible if student demonstrates familiarity with algorithms, data structure, computer systems, and programming (such as Java, Python, C/C++, Go, Scala). (To request a prerequisite waiver the student should email to ).

Course Objectives Large-scale computer and software systems are increasingly complex, diverse and outsourced to computational clouds and other large infrastructures. The cooperative management of these systems by either their owners or their providers can only be done effectively and efficiently if programmatic interfaces are exposed for that purpose. This requires computer systems designers to understand a variety of fundamental modeling concepts and management techniques spanning multiple system layers, for both the systems to be designed and the components and services used to build these systems. Objectives include (1) teaching these models and techniques to students, and (2) teaching illustrative cases of software-defined systems deployed in industry and academia for a variety of computer, storage and networking applications.

Required Textbooks and Software  Feedback Control of Computing Systems, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Dawn M. Tilbury, Yixin Diao and Sujay Parekh, August 2004 and edition, ISBN-13: 9780471266372.

Recommended Materials Papers in IBM Journal of Research and Development, vol. 58, Number 2/3, March/May 2014

Course Schedule
Week 1:               Introduction to software defined (SD) computing
Week 2:               Software-defined cloud infrastructures
Week 3:               Software-defined cloud networking
Week 4:               Software-defined cloud storage
Week 5:               Introduction to feedback-based control of computer systems
Week 6:               Computer system modeling
Week 7:               Computer controller design / Midterm exam
Week 8:               Advanced controller design/ Project
Week 9:               State-space models
Week 10:             Monitoring
Week 11:             Operational excellence of data centers/clouds
Week 13:             Workload orchestration
Week 14:             Cloud management
Week 15:             Advanced topics and project reports