ACIS lab researchers are leading and collaborating on several active research projects in the following areas:‚Äč

Software-defined Systems and International Collaboration:

  • ACIS is a partner in PRAGMA (, a community of practice comprising individuals and institutions from around the Pacific Rim that actively collaborate with, and enable, small- to medium-sized groups to solve their problems with information technology.
  • ACIS leads research and development in IP-over-P2P (IPOP, overlay networks. The IPOP research project also delivers open-source virtual network software, allowing end users to define and create their own virtual private networks (VPNs) providing end-to-end tunneling of IP or Ethernet to create various software-defined VPN overlays over the Internet.

Biodiversity Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure:

  • ACIS leads the cyber-infrastructure efforts iDigBio (, the National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) funded by the National Science Foundation. Through ADBC, data and images for millions of biological specimens are being made available in electronic format for the research community, government agencies, students, educators, and the general public.
  • ACIS leads the Human- and Machine-Intelligent Network (HuMaIN, project, which aims to accelerate scientific data digitization through fundamental advances in the integration and mutual cooperation between human and machine processing in order to handle practical hurdles and bottlenecks present in scientific data digitization. HuMaIN is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s ACI Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure.

Smart and Connected Communities:

  • ACIS is collaborating with the City of Gainesville ( and the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, BEBR ( on DGLIM, a project funded by the University of Florida to study Data-centric Gainesville business LIfecycle Modeling.
  • ACIS is also collaborating with the Carey Lab ( at Virginia Tech on a smart and connected communities project on data quality forecasting.

Past Projects:

  •  CENTRA (, a partnership and evolving framework for collaborations amongst research centers, institutes and laboratories across the world. CENTRA pursues rigorous understanding and solution of scientific problems through the use of software-defined systems and international collaborations which bring out real-world contexts of transnational applications and create transnational cyberinfrastructure instances where researchers get practical insight.