Vahid Daneshmand

Vahid Daneshmand is a PhD student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering working under the supervision of Dr. Renato Figueiredo. He is currently involved with the IPOP VPN project in the ACIS lab and his activities are focused on the usage of IPOP unstructured network overlay on IoT. His research interests are in the areas of IoT, network virtualization and P2P networks.


  • IPOP VPN – IPOP (IP-over-P2P) is an open-source user-centric software virtual network allowing end users to define and create their own virtual private networks (VPNs). IPOP virtual networks provide end-to-end IP tunneling over “TinCan” links setup and managed through a control API to create various software-defined VPN overlays.
  • GRAPLEr brings the power of distributing computing to the fingertips of lake ecology modelers. It is a suite of software tools for connecting to the GRAPLE Web Service (GWS) and running GRAPLE jobs. Experiments consisting of thousands of simulations can be evaluated in a fraction of the time by submitting batches of GLM (General Lake Model) simulations to a distributed computing system, directly from your R/RStudio environment