CENTRA 7 Meeting and Workshop, February 6-9, 2024, Tokyo, Japan


Two members of the UF Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, Dr. José A.B. Fortes, Director, and Michael Elliott, PhD student spoke at the 2024 Collaborations to Enable Transnational Cyberinfrastructure Collaborations (CENTRA) 7 meeting and workshop (February 6-9, 2024) in Tokyo, Japan. Meeting was hosted by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). It included two symposiums, presentations and breakout sessions for continuing collaboration with international partners.

Michael Elliott, PhD student, presented “Dynamic edge-to-cloud model selection via confidence estimation.” The proposed hybrid approach mitigates response quality losses when adapting LLMs for edge devices. It relies on an edge-based LLM for high-confidence responses, and a cloud-based LLM for more complex queries. Full presentation can be found here.

Michael Elliott

Dr. José A.B. Fortes, Founding Chair of the CENTRA Steering committee, spoke on institutional updates, future CENTRA events and gave the closing remarks.

Dr. José A.B. Fortes

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