Student travel grant to Trusted Infrastructure Workshop

Pierre has been granted a student grant for the Trusted Infrastructure Workshop which takes place on June 2 - June 6 at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. This workshop will teach young researchers techniques to build more trustworthy infrastructures.

Matthew Collins received a Division III 2013 Superior Accomplishment Award

Matthew received a UF Superior Accomplishment Award in the Division III competition for his work at the ACIS lab.

IPOP/SocialVPN Demonstration at PRAGMA 24 in Bangkok

Pierre had the great pleasure of demonstrating IPOP and SocialVPN at the PRAGMA 24 workshop at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand.

NEURON Summer Course 2012 at University of California, San Diego

Annual NEURON summer course was held at UCSD in June 23-27, 2012. Giljae Lee and Wenjie Zhang attended the course. They were taught design and construction of models of individual neurons and networks of neurons
model specification with hoc, Python, and NEURON's GUI as well as speeding up simulations by parallel execution on hardware from multicore PCs to massively parallel computers. In addition, they met with Ted Carnevale and Michael Hines, main developers of NEURON and discussed issues facing in the REPAIR project.


Charan has graduated with a MS degree in Computer Engineering.

Journal Acceptance for IJSN

Pierre St Juste has recently published his paper titled "Enabling Decentralized Microblogging Through P2PVPNs" in the International Journal of Security and Networks. His work on private social networking applications describes novel approaches to address privacy issues. His paper will be featured in a special issue on privacy and security scheduled to appear in summer 2013.

GREPSEC Student Travel Award

Pierre St Juste has been awarded a student travel grant to the IEEE Security GREPSEC workshop. The workshop is sponsored by Microsoft Research and will focus on emerging research on security along with career paths in the area. The workshop will take place on May 18-19 at the Metropolitan Club in San Francisco, CA.

UF Computer Science Day

2013 CS Day

ACIS students Pierre Tony St. Juste and Selvi Kadirvel discuss their research with other students during the 2013 Computer Science Day event.

iDigBio: Workshop for Digitizing Paleontology Collections (vertebrates, invertebrates, plants)

iDigBio, the National Science Foundation’s national HUB for Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC), is pleased to announce the fourth in a series of preparation-specific workshops focusing on organizing, launching, maintaining, and/or enhancing a collections digitization program. This new workshop will focus on digitizing paleontology collections, including invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants.

Online application deadline: 1 May 2013. (Or, see


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